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Business Math Library

Business Math Library

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The Business Math Library extends the Clarion language with BCD accurate statistical functions. You can call these functions from either embedded source or by using the Formula Editor. You'll save time by calling a single function that would otherwise require hand coding, operation by operation.

Financial Functions

  •     Loan Amortization
  •     Annual Percentage Rate
  •     Compound Interest
  •     Continuous Compound Interest
  •     Future Value
  •     Internal Rate of Return
  •     Net Present Value Periods
  •     Payment and Rate of Annuity
  •     Present Value Sample Interest

Statistical Functions

  •     Factorial
  •     Frequency
  •     Lower Quartile
  •     Mean, Median, Mid Range, Mode Percentile
  •     Position Range
  •     Linear Regression Correlation Coefficient
  •     Sum of Squares
  •     Standard Deviation
  •     Summation
  •     Upper Quartile
  •     Variance

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