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AnyScreen Annual Subscription (Subscription Renewal)

AnyScreen Annual Subscription (Subscription Renewal)

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AnyScreen is our next generation product for deploying Clarion a application as a web/mobile app. With the addition of AnyScreen your existing Clarion application immediately becomes available on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, and Android. In other words, it allows your Clarion application to run on any Workstation, Notebook, Tablet or Mobile device.

AnyScreen accomplishes this without you making any changes to your apps (except adding the global template to all the .APPs that make up your application). You also don't need to know any JavaScript or CSS. It is worth mentioning that AnyScreen ships with several CSS "Themes", such as; Clarion theme (mirrors the Windows UI), Material UI (Android look-alike), Bootstrap, and Bootstrap 'outline'. All of these can be tweaked and customized. You also get the built-in support to create totally new CSS themes.

AnyScreen is sold as an annual subscription. It is licensed per registered Clarion developer.

  • Cross-platform HTML5 architecture that works in all modern browsers
  • Very stable working environment
  • Runs as fast as a desktop application
  • Runs on Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android
  • Identical user interface as in your original application including pictures, icons, menus and all Clarion control types
  • Support for complex ActiveX components (WindowsAPI client only)
  • Support for a number of popular Clarion 3rd party products
  • Multi-threaded application support (allows a multi-window environment inside the web browser)
  • Auto-reconnect option - if you lose your internet connection, or something happens with your network, the client will automatically try to reconnect, and as soon as the network is back you can continue your work without any additional actions.
  • Balanced application load on multiple servers
  • Option to support SaaS (Software as a Service) maturity level 4 support: usage-based billing calculation algorithms integrated into the server allowing you to charge by usage time
  • Add the AnyScreen template to all your .app's, recompile, and you’re ready to deploy
  • No JavaScript knowledge required
  • Scalable: one server can support ~175+ users (depending on the size of your application)
  • Hand-coded programs require only 2 lines of code to be deployed as a web application
  • Access the local file system and device hardware (e.g. Camera, etc.) through a connection to the “AnyService” (installed on the client device – desktop, tablet or phone)

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