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Bundle of all 4 Report Output Generators

Bundle of all 4 Report Output Generators

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This a bundle of all 4  Report Output Generators; PDF, XML, HTML and Text


    Each Generator is populated globally and can be adjusted at the procedure level
    Each Generator can be made programmatically available at run-time
    Each Generator can be suppressed for a specific procedure

Specific PDF Features

    Report rendering includes Clarion graphics primitives and images
    Embedding of Font descriptors to match printed output
    Bookmarks and Thumbnails are supported
    Hyperlinks and hotspot navigation links are supported

Specific HTML Features

    W3C standard HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are generated
    Runtime navigation page that permits browser based paging and printing
    Built-in support for standard hyperlinks to be created from dynamic or static data

Specific XML Features

    W3C standard XML format generated
    Support for Attribute, Tag or mixed style generation.
    Cdata free form content supported
    Composite output can be a combination of static or dynamic data which can include parent-child-grandchild nested data.

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