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Expert Programming In Clarion

  • 19900

This course covers the Clarion language end-to-end: from Program layout to Windows, Files and Views; and Queues to Reports, OOP and Database maintenance processes. Course III digs into the development techniques required to write your own custom Procedures, Routines or Programs. Whether you are writing code into an Embed point, or creating a specialized Procedure for your application the information in this course will guide you in building solid applications.

You'll explore proper handling of MDI windows in multi-threaded programs. Take a look at the popular "tricks of the trade" when processing windows. Gain an in-depth understanding of the Clarion language support for creating, reading, and writing to data files. Take a detailed look into the processing of flat files, ISAM files, and SQL files. Realize the power of VIEWs for filtering, sorting and processing data. Understand how to work with Queue's, and the Queue's role in template generated applications.
Learn the ins and outs of organizing Reports, reporting on multiple related tables, handling Group breaks, controlling Page overflow, and how to avoid common mistakes. 

You'll also explore the different techniques for database maintenance when using ISAM versus SQL databases, and learn how and when, to harness the power of PROP: SQL for lightning-fast updating.