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Master's Language Series

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Master the Clarion OOP paradigm and become an expert at designing custom classes and associated objects. You'll learn all about writing Clarion code "OOP style", and you'll know how to extend the Clarion language to write your own classes. Know how to use ABC objects in your projects as well as using the ABC templates to make ABC do what you want.

Be able to expand the power of Clarion with the use of properly designed classes. This lesson teaches you how to use reference variables, the use of ANY variable types in your class design, the rules of VIRTUAL method design, and more.

Understand the concept of code abstraction and how to put it to work in your applications. Know other useful language tools to use in class design. Understand how to program with mouse detection properties, and how the EVALUATE function can help you add new poswer to your applications. 

Learn how to use NOTIFY and NOTIFICATION for safe inter-thread communications. Learn how to safely suspend and resume threads. Discover the use of Mutexes, Semaphores, and Critical Section thread synchronization objects. And advanced techniques using CALL() to dynamically load a DLL and work with its functions. 

Discover how to make full use of Clarion's support for Rich Text Format (RTF) controls, and how to work with Rich-text. Learn the template support for RTF that is included in Clarion, and how to make best use of it. Explore in-depth the base methods of the Clarion RTF Classes. This session includes a detailed walk-through of adding advanced mail merge capability to your applications using the RTF control. Many RTF tips and techniques are presented in this session.