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Driver BUNDLE: In-Memory + Dynamic + IP Driver/Server

Driver BUNDLE: In-Memory + Dynamic + IP Driver/Server

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A special price for a bundle of our top selling add-on drivers;  In-Memory + Dynamic + IP Driver/Server.

The In-Memory driver does not use physical tables for working with data, all data is stored in RAM memory, which gives the driver a number of unique properties. The driver is combined with a powerful template and class. The template completely automates the use of In-memory tables.

The Dynamic file driver allows you to create Tables at runtime. You can use any of our drivers with the Dyna tables. The Dyna Driver also has functionality that allows you to create a new Dynamic File structure from an SQL result set. 

The IP (Internet Protocol) Driver enables any Clarion application to use familiar Clarion FILE access syntax to transmit and receive data over the IP protocol from a “data server”. The client-side IP driver is a Clarion FILE driver, but instead of using local physical files for storing data it communicates over IP to a server where the physical data is processed.

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