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In-Memory Driver

In-Memory Driver

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The In-Memory Driver makes your Apps faster!  The In-Memory driver is the easiest way to speed up the most data intensive areas of your applications. Making use of cached tables is as easy as dropping in a template and filling in a few prompts.

  •     Extremely high performance. Once data is loaded into the MEMORY table, either at program startup or on-demand, all access is virtually instantaneous.
  •     You are only limited by your machines memory capacity, and because you can use VIEWs to populate MEMORY tables, and can create VIEWs across multiple MEMORY tables, you have the capacity of storing and working with significant amounts of hierarchical data.
  •     The MEMORY driver has a standard file driver interface, so you can use Memory tables with any Clarion entity or template that works with files (Browse, FileDrop, Report, etc.), Including any 3rd party template!
  •     The application developer can choose to locate highly dynamic or frequently referenced tables in memory, while leaving the less intensively used parts of the database to be stored on disk.
  •     IMDD tables can be used as "Global" lookup tables, but unlike a global queue, you do not have to write code to synchronize threaded access, because synchronization is built into the driver.
  • Instantaneous access to data, even when changing the sort order or applying filters.

When you use the "In-Memory Data Caching Support" extension template, the Memory table doesn't even need to be defined in your Data Dictionary. You just select the table or tables that you want cached into "memory tables," and the template generates a FILE declaration that matches the physical file, generates the code to cache the physical file into the memory file, and magically replaces the use of the physical table with the cached memory table.

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